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Objective: Offer innovative solutions for the financial services of tomorrow

This year the competition invites students to think about the finance of tomorrow through 6 sub-themes which represent the major challenges that financial services must face.  

Hover over the cards to learn more about the topics...

Innovate in

the insurance sector

How can all players in the insurance sector take advantage of innovation to create disruption and adapt to new needs within an ESG framework?   

#WEB 3, #PEE / PERCO savings system, #IA & Data, #Personalization of the customer journey, etc…   

Use the latest technologies to meet new challenges and customer expectations regarding insurance? 

Developing payment systems in a sustainable world

How can we capitalize on technological innovations to modernize payment methods and meet customers' new CSR expectations?  

#CB Carbon Footprint, #Green digital wallets, #EcoPurchase, #EcoPayment efficiency, etc…  

Imagine new functionalities linked to payment methods in a sustainable framework

Supporting financial services in their transition to ESG

How can we help financial services to promote ESG policies while prioritizing greater transparency towards customers and employees?  


#climate risk assessment, #transparency of extra-financial data, etc…   

Helping players in the financial world to develop their sustainability policy

Generative AI serving banking challenges

How can AI capabilities, particularly generative AI, transform the management of regulations, security, customer experience, operational efficiency, and more? within banks

#LAB-FT & AI, #Fraud detection, #Cybersecurity, Optimization of services and customer experience etc…    

Navigate the complexities of banking with the benefits brought by AI

…and many other topics to explore!

The financial world must respond to several major issues, whether in terms of inclusion, ecology, banking challenges (blockchain, Beyond Banking, etc.) governance and innovation is one of the keys to facing these challenges.


By participating in this competition, you will have the opportunity to actively contribute to changing things with the help and expertise of major local players who will be able to advise you best in the progress of your project and share with you their experience in the sector.

Towards a sustainable bank for young people

How can financial institutions reshape their offerings to meet the needs of a public demanding a digital pathway that breaks away from traditional expectations?  

#Generative AI, Ultrapersonalisation, Augmented advice, Diversification of banking services, etc....

Creating banking services that meet the digital needs of the new generation while being responsible

Mobilising financial services for a greener economy

How can financial services be a source of opportunities and have a green and social impact on different sectors such as real estate, energy, distribution, etc.?   

#Consumer, #Clean energy, #Real estate etc...

Capitalising on financial services to have a positive and lasting impact on different sectors of the economy

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