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Objective: Offer innovative solutions for the financial services of tomorrow

This year the competition invites students to think about the finance of tomorrow through 6 sub-themes that represent the major issues that financial services will have to overcome

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Financial services and the Metaverse

What uses do financial services make of the Metaverse for the benefit of financial innovation in a sustainable framework?

#simulation of climate risk scenarios,

#creation of a bank branch in the Metavers,


rely on Web 3.0 to revolutionize sustainably the finance world

Energy transition of financial services

Which innovation enable financial services to make a positive impact regarding environmental issues?

#carbon footprint,

#energy performance index,


the role and potential impact of banks in environmental and ecological issues

Financial services opening to new sectors

Today the bank is opening up (DSP2, banking APIs, etc.): tomorrow, how can this financial data be used in conjunction with company data from other sectors to create new sustainable services?

#dematerialization of receipts, #PFM and budgeting,


with the aim of creating new innovative and for good services

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Fichier 9_3x.png
Fichier 9_3x.png

Customer relationship transformation

How can financial services innovations respond to the evolution of customer relations in the world of tomorrow?

#smart and responsible savings advice,

#innovative banking agency, #CSR barometer,


in line with technological innovations and customer new expectations

Supporting financial services in their transition to ESG

How do financial services promote ESG policies while prioritizing greater transparency towards customers and employees?

#climate risk assessment, #transparency of extra-financial data, etc…

help financial institutions to develop their sustainability policy and to be up to date with the growing number of regulations

Bank and financial services

for everyone

How financial services

can meet the challenge of inclusion?

#budgeting for low-income households,

#democratization of mobile banking for illiterates,


promote the inclusion of the entire population by addressing the specific needs of each

…and many other topics to explore!

The financial world must respond to several major challenges, whether in terms of inclusion, ecology, banking challenges (blockchain, Beyond Banking) or governance and innovation is one of the keys to meet these challenges.


By participating in this competition, you will have the opportunity to actively contribute to change things with the help and expertise of major local players who will be able to advise you best in the progress of your project and share with you their experience in the sector.

Concours étudiant google

In the first decade following its creation, Google became the first major company to become carbon neutral. In our second decade, we were the first company to achieve 100% renewable energy. By 2030, we aim to be the first major company to operate carbon-free. 


Going carbon free by 2030 will not be easy. Here's how Google is mobilizing, supporting its partners and offering solutions to help everyone get involved in the fight against climate change.


Our starting point is always to look for a more sustainable business model for our company. This approach is at the heart of our values, but it is also the best way to innovate, to progress by iteration and to share best practices.


To learn more, go to  

Our vision and initiatives :

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