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Team formation

Any student or recent graduate of less than two years from any school or university can enter the competition. Teams are composed of 1 to 3 people. Teams can be made up of students from different schools or universities, and mixed teams are highly encouraged. Information about the team members will be filled in on the registration form.


Phase 1 : One-Pager and Business Case – Conceptualize and sell your project !

​The goal of this phase is to conceptualize your innovative project. This is the first opportunity you have to show your ability to disrupt financial services' business by applying innovative technology.

One-Pager : it’s a one-page summary of your business case. When you register, you will book a meeting with our team during which we will co-construct the One-Pager dedicated to your project.


Business Case : it consists of a much more detailed presentation of your project.

To carry out your Business Case, you will find on this site a canvas with the different parts expected by the jury. The jury aims to guide you and help you to make your Business Case. Some parts are left empty so that you can fill them in and develop on your ideas. Don’t forget any aspects of your project : functioning, comparative advantage, examples, technical parts, regulatory aspects, etc.

The jury will assess its outcome and coherence. Don’t forget that you won’t pitch your idea after the first stage. The jury will only have your written material to judge you !

Phase 2 : Proof Of Concept – Elaborate on your project

Throughout this second phase of competition, each team will be accompanied by one or several sponsors from partner companies. Various deliverables constituting the PoC (Proof Of Concept) are expected and must be sent before March 12th, 2023. The final evaluation of the projects and the selection of the 3 winning teams will be made on the basis of oral presentations, which will take place at the end of March 2023.

The PoC aims at putting your idea into practice and the business case is meant to prove the feasibility and viability of your concept. Show us it can work !


To create your prototype, you won’t have technical constraints of development. You can choose to develop independently or to resort to an API (Application Programing Interface). You are also free to pick the programming language or tool depending on the technology you will use. Keep in mind that you will be supported at every stage of the project.

Besides the script or commented code of the prototype that you will have developed, you will have to prepare a user guide and make sure to have a demo for your pitch.


On that occasion, you will also be invited to explain your development project approach using a presentation support. Your pitch will be divided into two parts : 20 minutes to present a PoC demo and 20 minutes of Q&A.


The documents and presenting materials which are expected by the end of March are :

  1. Script/commented code of the propotype

  2. User guide

  3. Business Case (possibly improved)

  4. Presentation of your project developement approach

  5. Presentation support (which can be the Business Case)

  6. Demo of the application



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