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Finance & Innovation for Good (2nd edition)

Competition 2021-2022

1st prize: Sumpler

Sumpler is a project aimed at payment and digitization, automated collection and management of proof of purchase, payment and invoices. Its objective is to offer a solution to businesses, merchants and individuals to issue, receive and manage documents digitized by Sumpler at the point of sale. (


2nd prize: YAM

Mobile banking application adapted and usable by all customers, including those who cannot read or write. (


3rd prize: Aphaïa

Aphaïa is a crowdequity platform allowing French savers to invest equity in projects that preserve biodiversity and climate, such as agroforestry, regenerative agriculture and reforestation, in emerging countries that are hit the hardest by these issues and especially the least prepared. (https:/

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Finance & Innovation for Good (1st edition)

Competition 2020-2021

1st prize: FundBuilders

Algorithm for supporting sustainable investment that guides individuals in their investment choices according to their appetite at risk and according to ESG criteria. (


2nd prize: RobynBank

The social and solidarity micro-bank which offers mini-loans financed by individuals. (


3rd prize: Jericho

Responsible investment application that recommends financial products in line with users' values. (

Banking innovation

2019-2020 competition

1st prize : Feachy

Adaptive e-learning solution for banks’ customers to fight fraud (

2nd prize : Valin’up

Start-up evaluation tool to predict the outcome of a company in order to support an investment decision (

3rd prize : SurfMetrics

- ESG scoring tool for a company from external information using NLP.


Jury prize :

Youth Prize for Moneybounce (nano loans between individuals -

Best Business Case Prize for SouthCruise (support and decision-making tool for investment in companies in Africa).

Banking innovation

2018-2019 competition

Banking Innovation

The goal of the contest was to "Build the Bank of the Future". To achieve this task, candidates had to choose a banking profession (Wealth Management, Retail Banking, ALM, Risk, ect....) and apply to this profession an innovative technology (Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Automation, ect...).

1st Prize: FactoredIn

LThe solution proposed by three students from Neoma, Emlyon and ENSTA was to use the blockchain where all the factoring players and their transactions are listed in order to fight against fraud and to create a factoring marketplace.

2nd Prize: Apollon

The proposed solution is a diary that helps individuals to manage their budget by accurately estimating their future bank balance based on the analysis of recurring expenses and upcoming one-off events entered in the diary.

3rd Prize: CrowdShare

The solution proposed by two students from EM Lyon and EPITA is to aggregate the projects of the participatory financing platforms and to provide investors with a decision algorithm that optimizes their investment according to criteria they have established.

Génération Machine Learning

2017-2018 competition

This initiative followed the success of the "Generation Blockchain" contest. Before a jury composed of HSBC, Société Générale and Sia Partners, students and young graduates had to propose Business Cases and prototypes based on Artificial Intelligence with a Machine Learning dimension.

The competition focused on the finance sector with examples of proposed themes, while leaving the candidates free to choose.

1st Prize: Panacea

This solution imagined by two students from ESCP and ENPC, proposes an algorithmic system capable of detecting aberrant events relative to a stock market value and of deducing an anticipated return.

2nd Prize: Premoneo

This application, developed by two students from the University of Paris-Sorbonne and the UTC of Compiègne, offers an application allowing a customer to automatically forecast his bank balance.

3rd Prize: Nerio

Carried by three students from ENSAE, this solution offers a system for verifying the online identity of a retail customer through questions based on visual choices supposed to test the user's personal tastes.

Génération Machine Learning

Génération Blockchain

2016-2017 competition

generation blockchain

Generation Blockchain Season 1, in partnership with BNP Paribas and HSBC France, saw 65 teams of students and young graduates compete against each other to bring an innovative solution to a concrete problem using blockchain. The themes proposed by the candidates covered many fields such as energy, trading, pharmaceutical industry, logistics, or real estate rental.


1st Prize : Petroleum

Alex Sala (Sorbonne/Science Po) and Alexandre De La Roche (Centrale Supelec/ESCP Europe) have created Pétroléum, a trading platform for petroleum products. This team decided to continue their project and founded the start-up Nexia BS. 

2nd Prize : Review Eat

Henri Qiu (ENSAE), Christian Tran (HEC) and Guillaume Caner (Mines ParisTech) created ReviewEat, an application to book, pay and rate restaurants.

3rd Prize: D-Transport

Victor Le (ENSIMAG) and Mathieu Porcel (ENSIMAG) have developed D-Transport, a mutual payment system for the various public transport services in metropolitan France.

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